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A program for creating mind maps and diagrams online

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Mind Maps

Use a mindmap service

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Chart online

Use the online program ziMind to build a graph online

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We appreciate your time while working with mind map

You can create a graph online and download it for your report, beautifully format it as a presentation and share it in seconds

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Chart online

It's easy to create a chart online: enter the field names and set the values, the service will immediately build all types of charts

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We want your mind maps and your diagrams to be beautiful and unique

Choose your chart that suits you best. Choose the one that suits you best: bar charts, pie charts, line charts.

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Online Presentation

Use online diagrams to create vibrant and memorable performances

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Mindmapped personality as a business card

You can create unusual and unique flowcharts and mind maps using all the functionality of the application.


Mind mapping to improve memory

It's easy to remember information if you draw a mind map in the form of bright notes

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Subconscious is involved in creating online schema or mind map

In the process of creating a mind map, the information remains in the subconscious, so use 100% of the application's capabilities and make bright mind maps

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Creativity and mind map

Create ideas with a mind map and turn them into goals

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Building mind maps is useful

You can develop your creativity with the schematic editor

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